Our Approach

WindSail provides growth financing to companies advancing energy innovation and sustainability. WindSail's investments typically range from $2 million to $6 million and are in the form of a secured loan. WindSail prides itself on thinking outside the box and structuring transactions that specifically address a company's capital needs. WindSail's investments include:

  • Senior secured loans
  • Junior secured loans
  • Stretch loans
  • Bridge loans (for existing portfolio companies)
  • Debtor-In-Possession Loans

Investment Criteria:

  • Focus on companies advancing energy innovation and sustainability
  • Little to no technology risk
  • Revenue generating or in early commercial stage (beyond the pilot stage)
  • Strong perceived downside protection
  • Clear path to cash flow break even
  • Supportive equity partners
  • U.S. based business

What Differentiates Us?

  • We understand the energy industry and its complex ecosystem
  • We think creatively to structure well balanced transactions that enable growth
  • Our investment approach allows us to focus on early stage companies that are often overlooked by institutional investors, such as service businesses
  • We do not require institutional equity
  • Our capital can replace or compliment equity, minimizing dilution for management and early investors